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Welcome to Xpress Rx Delivery

Your Premier Healthcare Delivery Solution

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At Xpress Rx Delivery, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare accessibility. Our prescription delivery service goes beyond just providing medications – it's a seamless experience tailored to your well-being. Imagine a world where prescriptions are delivered promptly to your doorstep, ensuring you never miss a dose or compromise on your health. With a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and customer care, we are dedicated to transforming the way you access essential medications.

Welcome to a new era of convenience and personalized healthcare, where your health is our priority, and timely delivery is our commitment.

We revolutionize healthcare delivery with our cutting-edge hand delivery program. Pharmacies, doctor's offices, and healthcare professionals now have the power of convenience at their fingertips.

Experience the ultimate in service for business owners, patients, and healthcare professionals alike.

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Revolutionizing Prescription Delivery


Our Commitment
to Privacy and Security

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Your Confidentiality is Our Priority

We take your privacy seriously. Xpress Rx Delivery is proudly HIPAA/FWA compliant and COVID-19 vaccinated, ensuring that all personal information remains strictly confidential. Rest assured, we never share your sensitive data with any external parties.

Our commitment to security extends to being a fully insured and contracted company. Your trust is our greatest asset.

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Effortless Prescription
Delivery, Anywhere, Anytime

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Xpress Rx Delivery offers same day and next day within the tristate area with any time sensitive accommodations. No matter where your prescription originates, Xpress Rx Delivery ensures hassle-free deliveries. Pharmacies, medical offices, and surgical supplies stores can easily register online through our user-friendly application or website.

Once registered, track every package seamlessly with our online software.

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Why Choose
Xpress Rx Delivery?

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  • checkmarkSecure and Insured Services
  • checkmarkRobust Privacy Measures
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Join the future of healthcare delivery with Xpress Rx Delivery. Sign up today and experience a new level of efficiency and reliability in prescription services.

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How it Works

Streamlined Prescription Delivery in 5 Simple Steps


Create an Order

Streamlined Ordering at Your Fingertips

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With just a few clicks, import a PDF with the necessary details, including patient information and prescription specifics or throughout our integration with your pharmacy software. The process is designed for efficiency, ensuring that you can swiftly create an order, saving you time and simplifying prescription management.


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Our platform offers a suite of custom solutions designed to simplify the healthcare experience, enabling patients to effortlessly track their packages and manage their care with ease.

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We deliver prescription medicines in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Here you can
get acquainted with the delivery types we provide and the areas we cover.

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